Yulianna Voloshyna

Yulianna Voloshyna

Business owner – Edmonton, AB, Canada

Acting Vice Dean of International Relationships at Uzhgorod National University, Faculty of Economics and Business (Ukraine).

Yulianna is originally from Uzhgorod, Zakarpattya province, Ukraine. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Business Economics from the Uzhgorod National University (2006), and her PhD at the Ministry of Education and Science (2013).

Yulianna has started her career at the Faculty of Economics and Business (2005-2016), where she started as an assistant, to become a lecturer, and then became an Associate Professor and Vice Dean of International Relationships. She has over 40 scientific publications in different well-known European and World scientific journals and monography’s. 

In 2014 – she achieved the highest professor rating among all (954) professors at her university. In the same year she was chosen by The Congress of America as one of five leaders representing Ukrainian’s young scientists in the “Open World” Program. 

In 2015 – she got married to a Canadian citizen and moved to Edmonton (Canada), but she continued to handle her duties and assignments at Uzhgorod National University remotely.

In January 2018, Yulianna joined the Ukrainian-Canadian business community in Alberta.

She is currently a board member and entertainment director at the Ukrainian Heritage Festival Pavilion board of executives, and an active member and social-media manager of St. Georges Ukrainian Parish.