Oleksandr Pankieiev coordinates digital communications and media for the Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) as well as a number of other teams in the Arts Collaboration Enterprise. He is also an associate researcher, Department of Artifacts of the Princely and Cossack Eras, M. S. Hrushevsky Institute of Ukrainian Archaeography and Source Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and coordinator of various print and multimedia projects, including the Research Initiative on Democratic Reforms in Ukraine website and the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Digital Archives. His research interests include the history of southern Ukraine, the history and theory of bureaucracy in Ukraine, oral history, and digital humanities and the digital media. He is the author of two historical sourcebooks, The Azov Vicegerency: An Unrealized Project (Zaporizhia, 2011) (co-authored with A. Olenenko) and Group Service Registers of Officials of Novorossiisk Province, 1798 (Zaporizhia, 2011), and many articles.