George Zaharia

George Zaharia has an extensive history of participation in many diverse organizations: cultural, religious, lay, and sports serving as president and/or treasurer of many of them. Currently, he is the President of the V-Nok Cultural Society, Vice-President of the Metropolitan Orthodox Foundation, Treasurer of the Ukrainian Foundation for College Education Trust, Director of the Ukrainian Foundation for College Education, Treasurer of the Canada Ukraine Development Association, Director of the Canada Ukraine Alliance, and Vice-President of the South Side Athletic Club Alumni.

George has in excess of twenty-five years of administrative, personnel, and labour relations experience in the public and private sectors. He has worked with academics, politicians, and professionals, and has extensive experience working with provincial legislation affecting education, health, labour relations, and municipal governance.

Currently, he is serving as a member of the Municipal Government Board, appointed by the provincial government through an order-in-council, and is involved in quasi-judicial hearings. His experience in tribunal work started in 2006 as a member of the Edmonton Assessment Review Board.

In addition to the tribunal work, George is the General Manager of St. Stephen’s Cemetery, a new public cemetery located in northeast Edmonton, owned by the Ukrainian Orthodox Community through the Council of Ukrainian Orthodox Churches of Edmonton. He was instrumental in the purchase of the eighty-acre parcel of land in 1998, has worked with the architects, builders, and bankers, and now is managing the business of the cemetery.

George used his interest in architecture in chairing two committees that built two community league buildings and undertook renovations/additions to St. John’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral and Cultural Centre amounting to two million dollars.

George is proud of his rural roots, having been raised on the farm, and got financially involved with the farming operation for a twenty-five year period as a secondary activity.

George is marred to Gloria, the couple having celebrated their fifty-second wedding anniversary in 2018, are the proud parents of two very successful children – Christine and Myron and the loving grandparents of five very engaged, athletic grandchildren – two granddaughters Anastasia and Victoria, and three grandsons Jag, Marcus and Reno