About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote trade and investment between Alberta and Ukraine as vehicles for inclusive growth and prosperity.

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What we do

As a facilitator of commerce and cultural relations, the AUCC is set to promote the province of Alberta as an attractive destination for investment and trade for businesses in Ukraine. The AUCC actively promotes Alberta’s presence in Eastern Europe through communicating accurate and relevant information on investment and trade opportunities.

Who we serve

At the Alberta Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, we aim to support any industry partners that have an interest in expanding their businesses either in Ukraine or Alberta. Some of our current partners include oil and gas, transportation/logistics, construction, hotel and lodging, agriculture, and mining industries.

Our board knows exactly what it takes to enter new and unknown markets and will work tirelessly to help you towards prosperity. We strive to build relationships with and on behalf of our partners, and have a passion for networking and building connections.