Bohdana Stepanenko-Lypovyk

Bohdana Stepanenko-Lypovyk

Bohdana Stepanenko-Lypovyk, PhD in Finance, MCom, RCIC

Bohdana Stepanenko-Lypovyk works in service to the Government of Alberta. She is responsible for economic analysis for the resource development of public government entity. She also provides assessment of new and ongoing policy developments mapping the potential impact to provincial government resource revenue.

A forerunner in her field, Bohdana was among the first to support Ukraine’s implementation of sustainable government through incentives for “green business.” She also played a vital role in Ukraine’s economic health, providing macroeconomic analysis that informed cabinet members of how policy changes would impact the country regionally and nationally.

Since relocating to Canada in 2013 Bohdana leads several Ukrainian community initiatives such as the distinguished “Children for Peace;” a leadership development program for children whose parents advocate for Ukraine. Furthering her commitment to the community, Bohdana provides immigration consultancy helping community members understand and navigate complex immigration laws and policies.

Bohdana has a Bachelor’s of Commerce and a Master of Economics from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and received a PhD in Finance at NASU Institute of Economics and Forecasting. She also